About Us

Hi, we’re The Ludwigs.

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We are newlyweds in NYC who have figured out how to live happily together in our 242 square foot “Wee Cottage” in the West Village.  We’re in the city to work and make our entrepreneurial dreams a reality.  In our free time we love to cook & entertain our friends, and have managed to make it all happen in our Tiny Home.

Although I was an Apartment Therapy “Small Cool” addict for years, our path to living small was partly due to happenstance (especially for Tobin..more on that later).  We both have found that simplifying and editing your physical “stuff” helps you make room for more things that are important to you.  As Henry Thoreau wrote,

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life…”

Shed + Sparrow is about living in a tiny home and it isn’t.  It’s about the desire to live simply, and our hope is that it helps others find their own way to live deliberately amidst the hustle.

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