SQUAD GOALS: Books on books on books

There are a few things the wee cottage has no shortage of – bitters, booze and books.

The bitters and the booze will take care of themselves, but what is it about great literature that is just so hard to let go of?  Some we’ve read, some we crack open and reference on a regular basis, some sit on the shelf as a form of validation and some just stare at us and fill us with guilt – “when are you going to read me?  Is today the day you’ll make one of my recipes?“.

We will, someday…


Tobin and I have lived in the wee cottage for years, and do you want to know how many various books, Kinfolks, New Yorkers and Lucky Peaches we have in our home?


That is more than one publication per 2 sq feet.


We need a new squad goal to stop buying and borrowing new books until we read everything we own.  No new books, no library and no ibooks until we’re done.  We’ll keep the essentials and pass along the rest.

Also, to make it fun, about half of our books are cookbooks or cocktail books, so we will make and share at least one recipe or cocktail from each book.

Looking forward to sharing this with you and join the squad if you also have books that need some lovin’.


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