Happy Pi Day!

photo 1

Pi Day just got a little bit bitter! We spent the day salivating over photographer and food stylist Judy Kim’s photos of her beautiful blueberry pie that she made with Tobin’s Hella Bitters.

According to Feed Feed, the recipe was adapted a Martha Stewart recipe for the Blueberry filling and Pam Anderson’s Blue Ribbon Pie Crust recipe.

Here is a a Note From Judy regarding the charming flower and leaf cut outs:
I get lots of questions about the fancy leaf cut outs that give the pretty imprint details. My best suggestion is that you search for pie cutters available in some cooking retail shops or look online. I found mine at Williams Sonoma and on Amazon. But you can also play with cookie cutters and put a little imprint with a butter knife. note: If you want to layer on cutouts along the crust, I suggest that you adjust the thickness of the crust so that it doesn’t get too thick and tough. Trust me, I’ve gotten carried away decorating the crust, pretty but it won’t taste as good.
Enjoy Judy’s beautiful photos!


photo 3

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